How to read what I write

Assalamu alaykum to all my Muslim sisters and brothers; Welcome to all non-Muslims.


I’ve never been a good writer. This was one of the reasons I hesitated for a long time about starting this blog. I did have a blog in the past but I never used it as a means of improving my writing. My biggest hurdle is conveying tone. I usually resort to using emoticons or explain my tone in parentheses. Somehow my writing style has evolved to somewhat resemble my talking style. Tangents, asides, and occasional run-on sentences abound. And if you’ve noticed my use of the 2nd person you’ll know I like to “talk” to my reader.


One of the reason I speak and write the way I do is because I have had a lot of interaction with the international community. I will not speak or write with contractions sometimes. I also sometimes speak and write in short sentences. Conversely, when I speak with native English speakers I don’t shy away as much from things like complex sentences or perceived “SAT” and high-brow words… like conversely, for example.


If you caught any of the subtlety of that last paragraph that’s the other thing about my writing tone and style. Some people have accused my writing of being preachy and pretentious, and even stilted and condescending. Perhaps one reason it may come across this way is because I’m generous enough to assume my readers are intelligent. It’s only after an indication I have spoken above the level of the listener that I “dumb things down” to the level of their comprehension. Perhaps this developed a bit more in my tech support day when I had to explain to people who didn’t know how to use their mobile phones how to use their mobile phones. I spoke with kindness, not with arrogance or annoyance, and I tried oh so hard to find and use the best layman’s terms. I don’t talk with a preachy or condescending tone so neither does my writing contain these characteristics.


I’m also a very good humored person. I like to make jokes just like just about everybody else. I try to stay away from stuff that’s really low brow but it’s not like all my jokes have to be high brow. I just like to play around with words a lot, I like tongue-in-cheek humor, subtlety, dry humor, and I do dabble in sarcasm. So read my posts knowing that I’m a human being with a sense of humor. That doesn’t mean everything I write is supposed to be funny, it just means don’t read as if I’m being dead-serious all the time. Just imagine the voice in your head as you read to be that of a young 20-something woman speaking with sincerity and kindness.



2 thoughts on “How to read what I write

  1. It’s funny how you have to defend your writing style in advance, so people won’t take offense. There is plenty of stuff that’s way more offensive on the internet than what you have to say. There is also a time and place for everything; there’s a time to be serious, and a time to chill out. Folks should relax a little and allow themselves to have fun while they’re learning somethng new. It makes the learning process less drab.

    • It’s just part of my personality to defend myself like this. If you were to meet me in person, I’m a little defensive at first then I start to chill out and relax a bit and it’s being reflected here in my writing. It’s not that I’m worried about people taking offense, it’s just part of the “get to know me” posts. It takes time to get to know someone in person which is why I introduced myself over the course of several posts instead of all at once. Little bite-sized chunks! And explaining my writing style was just part of my introduction. I think just the fact that it’s there helps explain my personality a bit too. Thanks for the input though. It’s helping with this learning process.

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